Spatial Data Analytics Platform

From individual users, small and medium-sized firms to large enterprises, Maptable provides an easy-to-use, collaborative platform to help unlock spatial data insights.

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See data in a new light
Data Management
Tame and transform data for increased analytical efficiency
Mapping Tools
Visualize and analyze spatial data online with ease
Data Enhancement
Access an expansive catalog of diverse data sets for greater insight
Scalable Extensions
Flexible toolsets to keep pace with evolving requirements
More efficient
data integration
  • One-click import/export of data in multiple formats, including .csv, .geojson, .xlsx, etc.
  • Sync to multiple data sources (such as Google Sheets and databases)
More streamlined
data collaboration
  • Cloud support for real-time collaboration of multiple users
  • Robust version control and permission management
More flexible
data application
  • Nimble handling of various data types (such as number, text, date, formula, and coordinate)
  • Low-code customization of data applications
More powerful
data visualization
  • Manipulation of massive data sets leveraging WebGL and WebAssembly capabilities
  • Flexible visualization possibilities through configurable map layers and dashboards
Unlock spatial data insights with Maptable
使用 Maptable 搭建属于你的空间数据协同、分析与应用工具。

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